How to Reset Windows Local Password with Parted Magic

Parted Magic is a Linux-based bootable disk with disk partitioning & cloning tools. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create a Parted Magic Live CD (or USB) and use it to reset forgotten local account password for Windows operating system. How to Reset Windows Local Password with Parted Magic? Download the ISO image […]

How to Reset Lost Surface Pro / Book Password

Forgot Windows password for your Surface Pro tablet or Surface Book laptop? If you’ve tried the free password recovery tools such as Offline NT Password & Registry or Ophcrack, you’ll find that they don’t work on your Surface due to lack of UEFI support. PCUnlocker Enterprise is a great Windows password bypass tool that is […]

Reset Forgotten Windows 10 Password without Reset Disk

What to do if you forgot Windows 10 password and don’t have a password reset disk? This happens even for the most savvy computer users. In this tutorial we’ll show you a simple way to reset forgotten Windows 10 password for free. This method works by adding a local admin account so you can recover […]

How to Reset Lost Windows 7 Password with Hiren’s Boot CD

Hi there, so you forgot the administrator password on your Windows 7 computer, and now you are wondering how to reset it? You are in the right place. Here I will demonstrate you to reset lost Windows 7 password offline by running chntpw tool from Hiren’s Boot CD. How to Reset Lost Windows 7 Password […]

How to Bypass Windows 7 Password with Trinity Rescue Kit

So you forgot your Windows 7 password… uh oh. Don’t worry, it happens and you aren’t out of luck. Here we’ll show you how to bypass Windows 7 password with a free Linux live CD – Trinity Rescue Kit (TRK). The password resetting tool in Trinity Rescue Kit, called winpass, is actually just an automated […]

How to Recover Windows 8 PIN and Picture Password in Seconds

Both PIN and picture password are new and innovative ways to log in to your Windows 8 computer. But compared to a traditional text-based password, these two sign-in options are much less secure and they can be cracked easily! With the small utility Mimikatz you can quickly grab plain-text passwords from Windows 8 or 8.1 […]

Backup Saved Passwords in Nearly Any Browser

Many Web browsers include a built-in password manager that can save your passwords so you don’t need to type them next time you visit a website. But the only problem is that most of browsers don’t have an option to export or backup stored passwords. Password Recovery Bundle is a handy toolkit that can extract […]